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BeeHive Home Franchisee Owners

Assisted Living Digital Marketing

Our primary focus is YOUR HOME! While digital marketing is just one facet of a comprehensive marketing strategy, it’s an indispensable component in today’s digitally connected world. In fact, statistics indicate that, on average, 70 percent of purchasing decisions are made before a prospect engages directly with a company. This trend is equally relevant in the assisted living industry.

Our digital marketing services are strategically designed to deliver a steady flow of two to four qualified leads each month for each of your BeeHive Home locations. Depending on the specific geographic area, we anticipate achieving a win rate of at least 10% or possibly higher for these qualified leads. In simpler terms, our approach to digital marketing is projected to yield at least one new resident every three months directly resulting from these efforts.

See our core offerings below. Items can also be excluded or added, such as contact database management for email campaigns and responding to reviews to increase your search engine optimization (review management).

What You Get

Super-Charged Webpage

Running a business is hard work – let alone needing to keep your website up to date and SEO optimized.  Let us simplify your tech life

In additional to installing key tracking tags (for Google and Facebook if you desire), we fine tune your BeeHive Homes webpage by posting new pictures, videos or making updates per your request.  Live Chat and Google Review Widgets can also be installed.

Live Chat & Review Widget

Answering someone’s question immediately while they view your website increases the odds of a new placement and quickly qualifies the lead.

We install a chat program on your BeeHive Homes webpage and have a trained agent communciate with your prospects – quickly getting you the information for any qualified prospect.

We also include a floating Google review widget on your BeeHive Homes webpage – providing immediate social proof of your home’s value.

Social Media Management

Do you have a FaceBook page and Google Business Profile yet?  If not, you need one! We have found that FaceBook is a strong platform to reach the target demographic for assisted living and memory care.

We can set up and manage these pages through weekly professional and polished postings about your home.

Digital Ad Campaigns

Google and FaceBook are the 800-pound gorillas when it comes to internet marketing platforms.  

We’ve found FaceBook to be a very effective platform when marketing to the assisted living target market.  Google Search Ad and Display Ad Campaigns can also be effective but are complicated to get set up.

We create and manage both platforms for you.  Any Google and FaceBook ad spend will be billed as a direct pass though (no mark-up).

Technical SEO "Stuff"

Local Search Engine optimization through directory listings and index Name, Address & Phone (NAM) consistency.

Google Analytics connected to your BeeHive Homes web page.

Google Search Console connected to your BeeHive Homes web page.

Key Word position and rank tracking for your local market.

Monthly Reporting

Leads Generation Tracking Sheet– tracks all leads originating from your website or the online chat.  The tracking sheet is updated daily and shows year-to-date Leads, Move-Ins and Digital Move-Ins.  Current Census tracking can also be included.

SEO Reports – updated monthly with all key statistics from Google and Facebook.

Drawing on our past experience, including roles as caregivers in assisted living homes and BeeHive Home administration, HeliaData offers a unique perspective on the needs of your assisted living home. We recognize the nuances of your business (caring for others, including your employees) and the complicated nature of digital marketing in today’s landscape. Our team understands not only your business plan and marketing goals but also the compassion and value that are integral to the assisted living profession. We’re here to align your marketing efforts with your broader strategy, providing you with comprehensive support and insights for digital marketing.