Digital Marketing

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BeeHive Home Franchisee Owners

Assisted Living Digital Marketing

Our primary focus is YOUR HOME – helping you get your home full and stay full.  Digital Marketing is not the end-all-say-all when it comes to a comprehensive marketing plan, but it is an absolute necessity in today’s world of connecting with people through technology.  Today, on average, 70 percent of the buying decision is made before a prospect talks to the company.  And assisted living is no exception to that statistic.

We expect these digital marketing services will yield roughly two to four qualified leads per month per location or home.  Depending on the area, we expect at least a 10% win rate on qualified leads if not higher.  Stated differently, we would expect at least one new resident to be directly generated from these efforts every three months based on this approach to digital marketing.

Coordination between your other marketing efforts is also critical to your overall success and return on marketing investment.  Let us coordinate and synergize your marketing efforts.

What You Get

Tech Expert On Your Team

Running a business is hard work – let alone needing to untangle the complications of technology.  Let us simplify your tech life by working with your tech and marketing vendors to maximize your investment. 

We can also fine tune and keep your BeeHive Homes webpage fresh by posting new pictures, videos or making updates per your request.

Live Chat

Answering someone’s question immediately while they view your website increases the odds of a new placement and quickly qualifies the lead.

We install a chat program on your BeeHive Homes webpage and have a trained agent communciate with your prospects – quickly getting you the information for any qualified prospect.

Social Media Management

Do you have a FaceBook page and Google My Business page yet?  If not, you need one! We have found that FaceBook is a very good platform to reach the target demographic for assisted living.

We can set up and manage these pages through weekly professional and polished postings about your home.  FaceBook Ad campaigns can also be very effective – which we manage on your behalf.

Ad Campaign Creation

Google and FaceBook are the 800-pound gorillas when it comes to internet marketing platforms.  

We’ve found FaceBook to be a very effective platform when marketing to the assisted living target market.  Google Search Ad and Display Ad Campaigns can also be effective but are complicated to get set up.

We create and manage both platforms for you.  Any Google and FaceBook ad spend will be billed as a direct pass though (no mark-up).

Technical SEO "Stuff"

Local Search Engine optimization through directory and index Name, Address & Phone (NAM) consistency.

Google Analytics connected to your BeeHive Homes web page.

Google Console connected to your BeeHive Homes web page.

Key Word position and ranking tracking for your local market.

Reporting Portal

You gain access to two main reporting dashboards (online)

Lead Dashboard – tracks all leads originating from your website or the online chat.  The Dashboard is updated daily and showing year-to-date Leads, Move-Ins and Digital Move-Ins.  Current Census tracking is also included.

SEO Dashboard – updated monthly with all key statistics from Google and Facebook.

Owen’s background previously working as a caregiver and managing for BeeHive Homes of New Mexico gives HeliaData a unique perspective, understanding better all you go through and the work needed to run a successful assisted living home.  Marketing is no longer just segmented as “sales only” and is benefitted by understanding your overall business plan, strategy and tools at your disposal.  We understand your business plan and marketing goals and we understand you.